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Introducing the                            System for Dosimetry Services Involving Rodent Irradiation


Offering a new system that allows a more comprehensive irradiator dosimetry commissioning or validation of units already in the field.


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Gafchromic Film Usage
Gafchromic Film for Irradiation Field Homogeneity Analysis
Using Gafchromic film, assess the homogeneity of the irradiation field within the gamma and/or x-ray irradiator to ensure +/- 5% standard tolerance. Varying films will be employed to discern low and higher energy x-ray radiation, determining the need for additional beam hardening.
Phantom Construction and Placement
DosEquate System for 3D-Printed Mouse Phantom Dosimetry
Utilize the DosEquate System with 3D-printed mouse phantoms implanted with alanine pellets. Place three phantoms per device at specific angles to study dose distribution in the head, lung, and under the skin.
Dosequate Irradiation.jpg
3D Rendering and Documentation
Rendering and Documentation of Irradiation Chamber Setup
Generate a 3D rendering and report of the irradiation chamber setup detailing phantom placement, energy spectrum, exposure time, filters used, and container configurations to ensure reproducibility in future experiments.

Advantages of the                                     System

Real-world applications
Unlike other dosimetry methods, the DosEquate system replicates real-world environments, accommodating the use of pie cages and other enclosures commonly employed during rodent irradiation cycles.
Energy independence
The DosEquate system is compatible with both gamma and x-ray irradiators that produce a mean energy of over 100 kVp, regardless
of manufacturer.
N.I.S.T. traceability
The DosEquate system offers direct readings by N.I.S.T. with an expanded uncertainty of +/- 2.8% at the 95% confidence interval.
Reproducibility & repeatability
By adopting a standardized system across the industry, investigators can confidently compare studies not only within their own facility but also between different institutions.
Training and knowledge
The DosEquate system equips users with a comprehensive understanding of the irradiation process, including source-to-specimen distance, beam filtration, beam hardening, and other setup procedures. This knowledge enhances researchers' ability to explain their methodologies concisely in published work.
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