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Services We Offer

Serving all of North America with representatives in D.C. and CA!

Come check out our new DosEquate System on our dosimetry page!

Preventative Maintenance

We can provide preventative maintenance to nearly every type of self-shielded irradiator! We also bundle pricing for multiple units during the same visit to help save you money.

Key features of our preventative maintenance services:
Extensive expertise
Efficient bundling options
Comprehensive inspections

Emergency Repair

We offer emergency repairs within 48 hours of contact. We do our best to be there within as little as 24 hours or same day depending on location.

Key features of our emergency repair services:
Rapid response
Skilled technicians
Reliable solutions
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Dose Validations

Whether is it a clinical or pre-clinical device, we can provide dose validations to make sure you are receiving the correct dosage on your projects. For more information, please check out our Dosimetry page!



Do you have a new facility or room you want to move your device to? We can move it for you!

Key features of our relocation services:
Expert Device Handling
Minimized Downtime
Compliance with All Regulations


Ready to move on to another irradiation technology? We can decommission your devices without hassle! Through CIRP, you also have the opportunity to pay nothing to decommission your device and have up to 50% funding towards an alternative technology device.

Key features of our decommissioning services:
Seamless Technology Transition
Environmentally Responsible Disposal
Cost-Effective Decommissioning with CIRP

Some of the devices we can service include:

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JL Shepherd Mark 1 series, 89 series, 81 series, 109, 484 series, 143 series, 142 series, and more!

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Best Theratronics/Nordion/AECL Gammacell 1000, 3000, 40, 220 and Gammator series plus more.

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CIS-US IBL 437C Blood Irradiator

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Xstrahl CIX2, CIX3, CIXD x-ray systems.

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RADGIL2 X-ray Blood Irradiator

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And More!

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